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27 January, 2021 - 16:00 -- sslaven1

Dr.Philip MacMillian, an Educational Psychologist, is looking to recruit children (and adults) from 9 years old who have a diagnosis of dyslexia or who are not making good progress in reading with their current level of support. This is an innovative remedial reading programme at the Graduate School of Education Learning Lab under the direction of Prof.Brahm Norwich.

Spaces are limited.

The method (Own Voice Intensive Phonics- OVIP) uses the learner's own voice recorded in a specific way to deliver the lessons, which are practiced at home via a laptop or other device, it has been shown to be very effective.  Routinely word recognition skills increase by 2-3 years by programme end.

The lessons, which are delivered online in a one-to-one setting using the free version of Vsee Messenger or similar and take approximately 20 minutes.  The recorded lesson is emailed out for further practice at home. Lessons are delivered usually on a Saturday/ Sunday or by prior arrangement at other times.  There is no charge, but it is required that parent and child attend an initial online interview.  Philip will pre-test and post-test each participant. A report on each learner’s progress will be provided at programme end.  Adults and Homeschoolers welcome.

Email Philip  with any questions.  More details or