DIST CPD Pathway Route - Diploma in Specialist Teaching for Literacy-related Difficulties June 2024

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Teaching Practicum:
It is the responsibility of participants to select a suitable learner to work within the second and third units of this course.
Participants will be expected to select a learner whose age range is equivalent to the age range of learners they are working with at the time of application.
If teaching a child please note that you can only teach a child within a managed educational setting. Teaching a child in the participant's own home or in the child's family home is not permitted.
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It is your responsibility to ensure that payment is made no later than the 7th working day before the start of the course(by you and/or your organisation sponsor) to secure your place on the course.

Pay one payment of £2,130 + VAT
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Additional Terms and Disclaimers
  • I understand that I will be undertaking an online course with set start and assignment submission dates
  • I understand I will be supplied with materials, will be required to carry out online, written tasks and will be required to upload to an online portal
  • I understand that there are no ‘live’ or ‘taught’ sessions; learning is self directed
  • I understand that there will be an online community to interact with through the forums
  • I have a minimum English language ability level such as: IELTS 6 (ielts.org) or TOEFL 60-78 points (ets.org/toefl/)

  • I confirm I have access to a computer and internet access and can upload my work to an online portal
  • I confirm I have sufficient IT skills and tools that I require to complete a fully online delivered course independently
  • I confirm that I have my own personal email account (work email accounts are not accepted)