DACPD84 - May 2025 - Developing Reading Skills in Learners with Dyslexia, Level 4

Individual Unit Developing Reading Skills in Learners with Dyslexia

Why developing reading skills?

This Level 4 Unit gives practitioners the knowledge to compare recent models of reading skills and to understand their relevance to readers with dyslexia who are learning English or other alphabetic languages.  It examines the phonological, morphological and orthographic processes that underlie reading competence and explains why explicit, structured tuition can help build language awareness in learners with dyslexia.  It also considers the difficulties that readers with dyslexia can face when accessing print.

What can I expect from the course?

On completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how learners typically acquire and develop reading skills
  • Demonstrate understanding of the impact of dyslexia on the acquisition and development of reading skills
  • Demonstrate understanding of reading strategies that can assist learners with dyslexia
  • Identify support strategies for developing higher reading skills
21st May, 2025 2:00 PM to 16th July, 2025 11:59 PM
United Kingdom
Phone (Landline): +44 (0)1784 222304
Course Fee (Incs. VAT) £354.00