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Welcome to Dyslexia Action Training and Education

A Professional body which offers Teacher Training and Professional Development. Our specialist courses are designed to strengthen the expertise and confidence of teachers, teaching assistants and support tutors to ensure the progress and achievement of children and adults with literacy and specific learning difficulties including dyslexia and other co-occuring difficulties.

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The Dyslexia Guild is a professional body with open membership, which welcomes individuals with a professional interest in dyslexia, including primary and secondary teachers, SENCO's, teaching assistants, Further and Higher Education tutors, advisory specialists and psychologists, as well as parents, dyslexia and specific learning disability assessors, librarians and other specialists who support those with dyslexia.

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Annual Summer Conference

Our Annual Summer Conference provides delegates with a great opportunity to meet and network with dyslexia/SpLD specialists. It enables practitioners to hear expert views and examine current topical issues relating to literacy and dyslexia/SpLD in a warm and vibrant conference setting.

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Are you seeking Membership for DSA-QAG FE/HE Study Skills?

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Member profiles

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The Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme: Extension Courses for Qualified Professionals

This series of short courses provides experienced practitioners with access to elements of the DALP programme through a series of masterclasses, to enable them to refresh and extend their professional practice.

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How to Gain or Renew an Assessment Practising Certificate (APC)

An Assessment Practising Certificate is a licence to practice for those carrying out assessments in schools for Exam Access Arrangements and in colleges for the Disabled Students’ Allowance. Many schools and college employers also now require their specialist teaching or support staff to obtain an Assessment Practising Certificate.

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