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APC Second Submission (Resubmission)

Please read this information carefully before submitting your application.

There is a supplementary charge of £110 for the submission of a second report should the first report fail to meet SASC requirements. If you cannot submit this within 6 weeks from the date of failure, contact with your mitigating circumstances. 

The second submission should:

  • Be a completely new assessment report based upon a new learner, not related to you
  • Address the feedback you have received from the APC Panel of Assessors
  • You do not need to include score sheets or test papers at this point in the application but please keep them available in case the assessors require them at a later stage
  • Include any evidence of training or mentoring that has taken place since the first application, including attendance certificates

We will endeavour to process your second submission within two working weeks, not including Bank Holidays. 
Please note we will not process your resubmission until payment is received.

Uploading Files
Please note that some files may be too large to upload into the Dyslexia Guild database. The APC Registration Form only allows attachments to a maximum file size of 10 MB. If your file sizes are more than 10MB please do the following:

  1. Put all your documents into one folder and then zip them. You can do this by selecting all the documents; right click Send to; select Compressed (Zipped) folder.
  2. Use Dyslexia Action's MailBigFile Service which is a free service for sending emails with large attachments. 
  3. Click here to access MailBigFile, then select Assessment Practising Certificate Uploads under the Recipient dropdown menu.

You can watch a video tutorial on how to upload attachments using MailBigFile by clicking here.  

Total Amount
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APC (Resubmission) - Personal Details

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Billing Name and Address
APC (Resubmission) - Document Uploads

Please Make sure you upload all the relevant documents requested otherwise your application might take a longer to process.