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Assessment Practising Certificate Application - Route One (+ 5 Years)

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Route 1 Plus 5 Years Application
Route One is for those who hold an AMBDA accredited qualification (or equivalent) AND where the qualification has been gained over 5 years ago.

You will be asked to submit a copy of your Postgraduate Diploma certificate (AMBDA or SASC approved), your Curriculum Vitae and one full Diagnostic Assessment Report (include original test sheets with scores). 

Please ensure that you have these ready before submitting the application form. For any queries regarding supporting documentation please refer to the APC Brochure found on our main website.


Payment is by credit/debit card. If you require us to invoice your employer you must first provide us with a Purchase Order by selecting the Pay Later Option below. If you select this option please be advised that your application process will not start until all fees are paid in full (including a Guild Membership fee). 

Uploading Files
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Click here to visit the page and send the attachments to Assessment Practicing Certificate Uploads from the Recipient dropdown menu.

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Assessment Practising Certificate Application - Route 1 (+ 5)
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